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"… investing is ultimately about the future, not the past. To make a profit, we need to take the lessons learned from looking at the past and use them to anticipate how the future of money is likely to play out."

Chapter Overview

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Chapter 1: A Brief History of Money

We look at history and see how money originated, the range of commodities that have been used as money and what made them successful. We also look at how we got where we are today, how and why governments tend to inflate the money supply and the myriad of problems that causes.

Chapter 2: Bitcoin - A New Hope

We look at the arrival of Bitcoin in monetary history and give an executive summary of the technology that makes it work. Nothing too technical, just the absolute need-to-know info for investors, like how we know the cryptographic techniques are really secure. We end by taking a critical look at Bitcoin’s most serious flaws.

Chapter 3: The Future of Money

We consider the different ways that our global monetary ecosystem might evolve in the coming years and decades. What role will cryptocurrency play in relation to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)? What will be the fate of gold and silver? What are the possible directions for further evolution of the crypto space?

Chapter 4: Investing Wisely

We consider where cryptocurrency might fit into a responsible investor’s portfolio. We attempt to categorise cryptocurrency as an asset class and understand it’s profile of risk versus potential reward.

Chapter 5: Filtering Out the Trash

We develop a series of filters that can be used to assess the fundamental qualities of a crypto asset. Not charts, momentum and speculation, but the real underlying utility that gives the asset long-term value.

Chapter 6: The Author’s Portfolio

When I put the principles in this book into practice, what did I actually put in my portfolio? And, much more importantly, what did I keep out?

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Nick Watts

Nick Watts

- Software Engineer, Theologian, Author

Studying theology and ethics led me into a deep study of sound money and the Austrian school of economics. Having a software engineering background, that naturally took me down the rabbit hole into crypto. Combining these disciplines gave me a great foundation for analysing and breaking down the issues that make the crypto space so exciting (and controversial). This book is my attempt to bring those cross-discipline insights to a generation of investors who are on the cusp of a monetary revolution.

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